How to Prepare for the Movers

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How to Prepare for the Movers

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Removalist companies are a great help when you have to move. They are especially great when you have to move a whole family home with decades of stuff. These guys are trained and very efficient, but there are some things that you can do to make sure that they can do their jobs well and fast.

Keep kids and pets away

It is dangerous for both the kids and pets and the movers. Ask a neighbour or friend or family to look after your kids and pets while the movers are busy. You can also keep your pets in a separate room with their favourite things to keep them comfortable and away from the chaos.

Arrange parking

You know a big truck or two will be coming to your house. Make sure that there is a designated entry point where they can stop. If there are things like stairs or doors far away from the road or things like that, inform the movers so they can plan and bring any necessary equipment. You may also want to let the landlord and neighbours know that there will be a big truck. This is necessary if you live in a complex or if it will be inconveniencing people near you.

Make sure if they do the packing

Some removalist companies do the packing themselves and this is included in their price. If they must pack, allow them to but make sure that you make it easy. Don’t leave everything in a mess. It should be easy to wrap and pack for them.

Pack your valuables

Pack valuable items like electronics and jewellery yourself. This will ensure that you know where these items are and the removalist company cannot be blamed if it goes missing. It is also wise to keep these valuable items with you in the car. Expensive paintings and mirrors can be packed by the movers as they have special packaging and equipment for that. However, you must inform them of those so they can come prepared.

Unplug and pack electronics

It will make things a lot easier if you unplug and pack electronics in their original packaging. This will help keep all the small parts and cables with the right device. It also helps the movers to pack faster. Take pictures of wiring and connections to make sure you know where what goes in your new home.

Have some lunch for them

The removalist guys will work non-stop until things are done. Try and find out how many movers there will be and have some water and sandwiches available for them. They also need some food for energy and it is important to stay hydrated.

The last important thing to remember is to let them do their jobs. If you keep interfering or if you’re constantly in their way, you will make the process very unpleasant for everyone and the work will go slow. If there are things you want a certain way, discuss it with the company beforehand. Pack all essentials and valuables yourself and keep them separate. Then leave them to do their job.

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