How to Move with Pets

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How to Move with Pets

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Moving with pets should be dealt with carefully to ensure the well-being of your pets. The process to follow will depend on whether you are moving locally or internationally. Our pets are part of our family and just as we as humans get a bit upset with change, so do they. It is important to understand that your pets need time to adjust and that they don’t necessarily understand what is happening. It may be a bit traumatic for them and you will need to be patient with them.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Determine the laws and regulations – If you are moving between cities and especially if you’re moving between countries, you need to find out if they have special regulations regarding pets. You may need to place your pets in quarantine a few months before and you may need to arrange for boarding on the other side ahead of time. It will take time if you are moving to a different country.
  2. Keep them away from the chaos – If you can, book your pets into a kennel while the packing is happening. If you can’t, at least place them in a room away from the hustle and bustle and strange people. Make sure they have their favourite blankets and toys because that will make them feel more secure.
  3. Make sure they have enough water – It is very important that your pets always have enough water. They need fresh water everyday.
  4. Plan ahead for travel – If they will be in the car with you for a few hours, you need to plan ahead. You will have to plan stops for them to stretch their legs and do their business. You can try and find places that welcome pets and stay over at these hotels if it takes days to get to your destination.
  5. Show them lots of love – Make sure your pets know that you love them and try and put them at ease as far as possible. Once in the new house, allow them to get used to their surroundings and give them lots of encouragement and loving attention.

Moving with your pets can be tough, but they are family and you should always do what you can to keep them safe and with you. They may not understand everything at first, but they adjust quickly and will soon be back to normal.

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