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How to Plan the Décor and Setup for Your New Home

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Planning the décor and design for your new home can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re redoing everything and getting new furniture or just using what you have in a different way. For many people decorating and planning the new house is the most fun of the whole process. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to be creative and do some new and fun things with your home.

Check out our tips and only use the ones that suit your home, budget, and personality.

  1. Paint! A little bit of paint can make a huge difference in a room. You can play with different colours, paint one bright and the rest neutral, use patterns, use wall art, etc. The possibilities are endless. You should obviously keep the colour and design of your furniture in mind, but painting is one of the best ways and often the cheapest way to give a home an instant makeover.
  2. Plan your furniture before you move. If you can visit your new home before you move, you can plot out where you want your furniture to be. You can draw pictures of how you want everything spaced. This can also highlight things that you may need to leave behind or items that you may need to buy. For example, you may not have enough space for all your furniture and may need to put some items in storage or sell them or you may need extra end tables or chairs.
  3. Measure the sizes. The best way to see whether your furniture will fit in a new home is to measure the size of the room and also know the measurements of your furniture. This will help you space things correctly.
  4. Be creative! This is your time to move the furniture in a different way or buy new furniture if you can afford it. Do things you’ve never tried before and see if you like it. This should be fun and the whole family can take part and give their opinions. Make some artwork yourselves or make family pictures the highlight of a room. A new home means a new beginning and a new opportunity to be bold and creative.
  5. Do what suits your budget. If you can buy all new furniture and hire a professional home designer, then go for it! If that’s a little out of your budget, use what you have and make it wonderful. You don’t have to do everything now. If you want to reupholster your couches and get new carpets and paint and re-tile the bathroom, plan for it. You can make it a 5-year plan and do one thing each year. Eventually, your home will look like what you want it.

Decorating and planning the inside of your home is exciting. It is also a good way to get yourself settled and make the new house your home. So, try new things, be brave, be bold, and have fun!

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